You asked – We listened

Club funds utilisation – progress report on members suggestions

At the AGM held in February 2019 members made several excellent suggestions regarding utilising club funds for the benefit of all members.

The committee are pleased to report that many of these suggestions have been taken up and wish to take this opportunity to report back to members on the current progress:-

  • Competition prizes now include payment to increased places in each division and the total value of the pay-out has been increased.
  • A new TV for the rolling Leaderboard has been installed in the bar
  • A new starters hut has been procured and installed
  • An Invitation competition is being planned for September 1st 2019 with further subsidies from the club
  • Captains Away day coach transfers
  • More support with those participating in team events e.g. subsidising event fees and purchase of the new club team shirts for all of you who represent the club in one of our teams competitions.

Thank you to all members for their useful suggestions and we will keep you updated with further progress as appropriate.

updated: 24th June 2019