NTU Fines 2024

Changes to NTU Fines 2024

Fines are given to members who fail to turn up to competitions that their names are entered into time slots on Master Scoreboard.

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All NTU are recorded for the season and will be reviewed regularly.

Members can play outside the available competition time slots in non board competitions as long as they play with another member that is also playing in the competition. Failure to turn up in this situation does not create a fine.

Board competitions are exempt with all players playing within the allotted times.

The committee do not like increasing these sanctions but everyone is aware
that members not turning up through weather, alcohol or alternate
arrangements without removing can impact fellow members in many ways.

Thank you for your co operation.
John White
Competition Secretary

Comp May 26th

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Coxmoor Bowl

Hans amount for charity for top 3 places is £280, Georgie please just pay 4th to 8th Regards Mark

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Midweek Comp May 15th

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Ladies comp May 14th

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Comp May 12th

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Midweek medal May 8th

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Ladies comp May 7th

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Midweek comp May 1st

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Greensome April 21st

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