Competition Entry Rules

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Rules of Competition Entry

  1. All entrants require a full up to date handicap.
  2. Entrants can enter competitions online using Master Scoreboard. (Weekend competitions)
  3. Entry will be open at 7pm on Friday two weeks prior to the competition date. (Weekend competitions) Closing 18.00pm the night before the competition date.
  4. Entrants can cancel up to 18.00pm the night before the competition date by removing their names from the entry sheet online without penalty.
  5. Entrants that fail to turn up or remove their name in time will be fined for NTU.
  6. Anyone that allows another member to enter their names into competitions will be fully responsible for any entry made into competitions. Anyone that places a member into the competition in error needs to notify the competition or handicap email or will be held responsible for the NTU (All entries/removals are time date and user recorded)
  7. Midweek Competitions require members to book tee times and enter the competition as normal on the day. (All Competition Rules Apply)
  8. All entrants must sign in prior to starting the competition. (All entry sign ins are time recorded)
  9. Entry fees must be paid prior to starting your competition round.
  10. All parts of the score card must be filled in including: Date, Time, Name, Member Number, All handicap data, Tees, Markers Name, Handicap, Member No. scores should be added up and card completed. Your NETT score should be entered into the box provided. After the round Signed by Player and Marker entered into the computer before placing in the box in the pro shop.
  11. England golf have requested that persistent offenders who fail to enter scores when registered be suspended from competitions by their club which we will follow their instruction
  12. Only 7 day members will be allowed to enter weekend competitions.
  13. All members playing in any competitions must register in the Pro Shop prior to playing. Paying any fees/registering for points members required. (Anyone found to be not to be registering for payment or points will be removed from competitions)

 Board Competitions.

  1. All board competitions will be section only competitions.
  2. To win a board competition (Name on Board) entrants must have 5 qualifiers in the previous 12 month period. GENERAL PLAY CARDS ARE NOT INCLUDED (Anyone joining Ramsdale Park Golf Club from another club will have qualifiers from their previous club carried forward)
  3. Only 7 day members will be allowed to enter weekend board competitions.
  4. Gross Club Championships and Scratch Cup require full up to date handicap but do not require any qualifiers during the season.
  5. All board competitions trophies/prizes will be presented at the annual dinner dance unless presented on the evening of the competition.
  6. Captains Day, Danny Harkin Trophy, prize winners will be expected to attend the presentation in the evening.
  7. To win any board competition Ramsdale Park MUST be your home club.

NTU Fines

Fines are issued for anyone that fails to turn up for booked competition time slots who do not either remove their name before entry closing date or notify the Golf Club.

The Golf Centre is not responsible for club competitions.

  1. Any fines issued require to be paid within 14 days of the letter date.
  2. All fine payments should be placed in a competition envelope and placed in the box in the pro shop stating name and fine date.
  3. Any fines not paid within 14 days may result in members being removed from any competitions they may have entered until the fine is paid.
  4. Failure to respond or make payment of the fine within a further 14 days will result in suspension from all competitions.
  5. Repeat offenders may be suspended from competitions.
  6. Appeals can also be made to above email addresses within 14 days for the letter date.

All fine payments throughout the year are paid to the Captains Charity.

Knockout Competitions

  1. All entrants must have a minimum of 3 qualifying competitions during the playing season and 5 in the rolling year.
  2. Any team/player can arrange the time/date for each round.
  3. There must be two weekend and 1 midweek date option given to the opposition. (Failure to provide weekend dates or contact the opposition will result in teams/players being removed from the competition)
  4. No extensions will be given for any reason.
  5. Any team can replace a player prior to their first round being played, after which time no replacements can be made.
  6. If a team member is unavailable for any reason then the round should be played with the remaining team member playing against the other team.
  7. As a last resort matches can be decided by toss of coin, 9 holes, etc. if agreed by both parties when both sides being unable to attend the full 18 holes.
  8. Results must be entered into the computer immediately after your round is completed.

General Play Scorecards      

  1. General play rounds must be signed in online or on the computer prior to your round starting.
  2. Once entered you will be required to enter the score into master scoreboard either by app or club computer prior to leaving the club as settings are in place to restrict entry away from the golf course.
  3. Failure to enter a score after your round will result in a penalty score being entered into England Golf System automatically.
  4. The club will not remove this penalty score from your record.
  5. England golf have requested that persistent offenders who fail to enter scores when registered be suspended from competitions by their club which we will follow their instruction.
  6. General play scorecards will not count as qualifiers for Knockout or Board Competitions.        

Shot Gun Start and Restricted Entry Competitions
(Presidents Day & Turkey Trot)

Normally these competitions have a dinner and presentation held directly after the competition. These competitions are also restricted to entrants due to shotgun start format. Due to this situation anyone entering this competition will be expected to be present for the meal and presentation.

Anyone who enters and does not attend the full event (Golf, Meal & Presentation) will not be allowed to enter the next shot gun/board event.

This decision has been made due to:

  1. Restricted number of entry places
  2. Club subsidising meals for none attendance
  3. Winners failure to attend presentations
  4. Enable all who want to support the whole event on the day to enter first.

John White
Competition & Handicaps
Ramsdale Park Golf Club
Mark Northern
Chairman & Handicaps
Ramsdale Park Golf Club