Information relating to handicaps

Obtaining an Initial Handicap

The handicap secretary requires three completed scorecards to be submitted for handicap purposes. These must be signed by a player with an official handicap, all cards must be fully filled in with name, membership number, dated and the colour of tee played from indicated. All three cards cannot be marked by the same person.

Please either hand the completed scorecards to the team in reception or post them through the committee room door.

Maintaining your handicap

Once you have gained your handicap then you need to play in at least three qualifying competitions (held between April and October) during each calendar year to keep your handicap in a competition mode. You can also enter supplementary scores (£3 admin charge) to affect your handicap and keep it in competition mode, however you must state your intention to provide a supplementary score by signing in the computer before going out for your round, and afterwards enter the score into the club computer.

Players in category 2 – 6 may enter as many supplementary scores as they like over a current year, which can be over 9 or 18 holes. However, category 1 players are restricted to the period 1st Sept to 31st December and only to the extent necessary to ensure that the minimum requirement for qualifying scores under clause 25 is met. Category 1 players may only return supplementary scores over 18 holes.


For any further information please see the noticeboard or speak to a member of the handicap committee.