NTU Fines Changes 2024

Fines are given to members who fail to turn up to competitions that their names are entered into time slots on master scoreboard.

Names can be entered either by the member or a fellow member on their behalf, whichever way is recorded on master scoreboard and the member will be responsible for their entry in all circumstances as email notifications on master scoreboard should be enabled so entry is known in advance.

Names can be removed up to 18.00pm the night before any competition.

Fines for none attendance will be sent within 48 hours of the competition date.

Any appeals should be sent via email explaining reason for none attendance to either:




Fines previously were £15 for NTU based upon outcome of any appeal.

For season 2024 onwards it has been decided that fines for NTU will be as follows:

1st NTU        £15 plus ban from entry to the following weeks competition.

                        Team events are double.

If the NTU is a board competition then an additional ban from next board competition will be included.

Fine Payable before entry to next competition (i.e. within 14 Days)

2nd NTU       £30 plus 1 month ban from competitions.

If the 2nd NTU is a board competition then an additional ban from  next 2 board competitions will be included.

Team events are double.

Fine Payable before entry to next competition (i.e. within 14 Days)

3rd NTU         Ban from competitions. (Appeal by meeting with committee to discuss)

All NTU are recorded for the season and will be reviewed regularly.

Members can play outside the available competition time slots in none board competitions as long as they play with another member that is also playing in the competition. Failure to turn up in this situation does not create a fine.

Board competitions are exempt with all players playing within the allotted times.

The committee do not like increasing these sanctions but everyone is aware that members not turning up through weather, alcohol or alternate arrangements without removing can impact fellow members in many ways.

Thank you for your co operation.

John White
Competition Secretary