Course & Slope Rating

Course Rating & Slope Rating
Course Rating represents the difficulty of a golf course for a scratch golfer (0 Handicap Index), calculated to the nearest 0.1.

Slope Rating represents the relative difficulty of a course for a bogey golfer (20 to 24 Handicap Index) compared to a scratch golfer.

A course with long carries, narrow fairways, lots of hazards and thick rough will have a high slope rating because these features are more of a challenge to bogey golfers.

Slope Rating can be anywhere between 55 and 155. 113 is the neutral value that is used in handicap calculations. The GB&I average Slope Rating is 125. Ramsdale Park’s Course and Slope Ratings are:

    Course Rating    Slope Rating
Blue     Men          72.4          131
White     Men          71.8          128
Yellow     Men          69.9          123
Red     Women          72.6          130

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You can look up the ratings for other courses anywhere in the World on the USGA couse rating & slope database.

A golfer’s handicap for a specific course is determined by multiplying their Handicap Index by the the Slope Rating and dividing by 113, as described on the Course and Playing Handicaps page.