Tee Time Booking Clarification

Following a number of complaints raised by members regarding a lack of tee times available recently which has been discussed at committee, it was agreed that the rules for booking competitions were clarified and some of the concerns raised were answered, please see below;

Forthcoming competitions are all listed on the web site and Master Scoreboard which are updated if any changes are made. Currently all competitions are listed to the end of 2021 however there may be changes required due to centre bookings or changes requested by the Captain so members are encouraged to check on a regular basis.

Competitions are opened for entry two weeks prior to the event and as such the competition is open for booking at the club using the club computer at 4:00pm on a Friday. This will then open for on line booking at 5:00pm on the same day for members that are unable to attend the club.

Any one member when entering a competition is entitled to enter up to 3 other players to complete the four ball but no more than one four ball should be entered by any one member. This rule has been in place for a number of years and it appears that some members are now entering multiple four balls even when other members are waiting.

Some members raised the point that when the competition is opened that there appears to be a number of slots already taken. This is due to the fact that there has always been a rule that the following committee members have reserved tee times for their use in recognition of the work carried out on behalf of the club and its members;

Competition Secretary (of which there are 2) – 2 Tee Times

President – 1 Tee Time

Captain – 1 Tee Time

Chairman – 1 Tee Time

No other committee positions are allocated this privilege as it has always been deemed that if that was the case then potentially 12 slots could have been taken prior to the competition being opened and this was agreed as unfair to other normal members. The above have always been allocated as the positions are generally long serving members of the committee and other than the one allowance receive no other recognition for the time and effort expended in keeping the club running.

The tee times allocated to the committee members are open for their use and they are allowed to enter up to 3 other players per slot to complete the four ball at their discretion.

The committee have also addressed the lack of times available with the centre and the number of times available has been increased although should members not take these slots then the centre will take them back.

Any member is entitled to play outside of the competition times if there are no times available but if there are times available members are requested to play within these and not outside so that the centre does not reduce the times available.

Members playing in Honours Board events must play in the times made available and not outside of these.

The committee hope that this addresses the concerns raised, but if not would ask that you contact a member of the committee to discuss further if required.

January 2020