John Harrison
Summer League 2021

Match Selection

Match: Ramsdale V Springwater

Date: Wednesday, 25th August 2021 (originally 7th July)

Venue: Springwater

First tee time: 4:00pm

  Team  Result
1 John Hilton (Captain)  
  Will Davies (Club Professional)  
2 Sandeep Chauhan
  Dene Parsons
3 Richard Hone  
  Ryan Beet
4 Craig Churchill
  John Moulton  
5 Lee Galligan  
  Corey Nightingale  
6 Alan-Jay Minors  
  Phil Abbott (Vice)  


Please note:  If for any reason you have to withdraw please contact the captain or vice-captain.

Captain: John Hilton –

Vice-captain: Phil Abbott –