No longer hut-less now the rain has stopped

I must admit to tardiness in making another Starter’s Blog, but in my defense, her indoors has had me running ragged with jobs.  Along with 98% (approximately) of the male population, whether you are a common working man or a captain of industry, once the woman in your life decides that you are going to do something, you are going to do it.  Often prefaced with the immortal three words, “I’ve been thinking”, a feeling of dread and a pain in the wallet normally follow, along with a distinct lack of playing privileges.  That’s my excuse, take it or leave it.

So, what’s been happening since the last blog, you may ask?  The first, which is my personal favourite for obvious and selfish reasons, is the installation of a new starter’s hut.  This has been paid for out of the excess member funds, as reported earlier this month, under the auspices of club fund utilisation.  I am very grateful to all members for their contribution and am sure I will enjoy many hours of relative dryness when the heavens open.  The main committee should also be thanked for their efforts in this regard, and for their expertise in the installation of the hut, except for one member who I am reliably informed would be better employed in demolishing stuff rather than fitting it.  Obviously, I will not mention any names, that would be unkind and cruel to Mick Greenwood who is a thoroughly decent chap who always tries his best.

In other news, which everyone is aware of, but I’ll mention anyway, is the sad loss of the first tree on the thirteenth fairway, which happened during the last spell of awful weather.  Over the years, that tree and my balls have had quite a few intimate meetings and will be sadly missed. The second tree has been pollarded and will, in time, look like a tree again.  Thanks to the greenkeeping staff for clearing the fallen tree so quickly in very bad conditions.  Also we have temporarily lost the use of the hill buggy due to a mechanical breakdown, but should be up and running very soon.  I’m sure you’ve all missed the sight of John and his bright orange gloves (which I’m sure can be seen from space) after playing the ninth hole.

I suppose I should mention golf, as this is a golfing site.  Firstly, I must say that I’ve never seen the course looking better, if only my golf lived up to it, the greenkeeping staff and John in particular, should be commended for their work, just a’few’ bunkers to be sorted and it will be perfect.  Whilst I’m on the subject of bunkers, I am at times disgusted at the state they are in after a days’ play.  It is not just visitors, I have been round the course before and after competitions and seen the many footmarks left, often at the side of a rake.  Please look after our course, pitchmarks on the greens as well.  Don’t just leave things as you found them, leave it better.

There has been some excellent golf played through the season so far, with several worthy of mention, commencing with Steve Stowe’s win in the Coxmoor Bowl, for which he did not receive a handicap cut.  This was, however, corrected only last week when he lost two shots the day before playing in the Pairs Knockout, much to my pleasure, as I was in his opposing team.  The next worthy is Blake Murdock who won the Greenkeeper’s Cup on a very difficult day in a commanding manner.  Obviously a young player to watch out for in the future.   Not so young, but cunning, was our very own John Hilton, who was overall winner of the Danny Harkin Trophy, an excellent day of golf and decent weather.  Another worthy of mention was Callum Barry, winner with 42 points (an excellent score off 7 handicap) on Captain’s Day.  Although, to be honest, the highlight of the day for me personally was without doubt, the doughnuts, of which I sampled more than one.

What else?  Well there is the new two’s competition, kindly run by our head pro Will, with a percentage of the receipts going to charity, all winners receiving ‘something from the shop’  Again, I must thank all members for their donations to my charity bunker bucket on the first tee.  Your generosity is very much appreciated and helps with our charity aims enormously.  Which neatly brings me on to the forthcoming Charity Day, a fantastic event (again, with doughnuts), when I am unleashed with microphone in hand to insult (sorry, encourage and admire) your golfing prowess off the first tee.  This year entries seem to be excellent, but you can still enter a team if you wish.  Remember, there is a FIVE THOUSAND POUND prize for a hole on one on the sixth hole, sponsored by the Seniors, just five pounds entry fee, which goes to charity and it could be yours.Before this, we have the Ramsdale Club Championships, where I promise to behave and have an insult free two days, I will be there simply to ensure a smooth and stress free start to your rounds and will do all I can to enhance your golfing experience during this auspicious event.

That’s it for now, I’m off to buy some stain for the hut.