As the new season gets underway the committee has felt it useful to restate and remind the above to the membership, and make aware to the membership the consequences if not adhered to.

 If you, as a member, enter any competition and book a Tee time via the computer on the wall, it is your responsibility to fulfil this booking. You may withdraw from any competition up until 6.00pm on a Wednesday prior to the actual competition via the computer on the wall. If events occur within your personal life after this time preventing you from playing, please advise the Pro Shop or myself or any other committee member as soon as possible so arrangements can be made to fill your slot.

If a ‘No Show’ by any individual, without reasonable cause occurs, a Fine (£15) will be imposed on that individual who could then be barred from future competitions until said Fine has been paid. Likewise, any other misdemeanour, not putting entry fee in envelope or not correctly showing competition details on your card may also result in a Fine and Disqualification. Please fill your score card correctly, card errors are always, still, the individual player’s ultimate responsibility, and please don’t forget to sign your card after your round! All these things are checked by myself and the Competition Secretary with the intention of handicap adjustment and competitions being seen to be run in a fair manner, according to the Rules of Golf.

Please follow these few simple instructions, and enjoy your season.

Hans Bauder

Discipline Secrectary