Competition Entries
(Time Slots Rules)

It has come to the committee’s attention that members have been entering their names into the competition time slots, playing but NOT paying their competition fees.

The club is limited to time slots especially during the winter months and members are finding it difficult in some cases to find a slot within the competition.

Competition slots are for competition golf only and not social golf.

If you place your name within the competition time slots it is compulsory to also pay your entry fee.

If it your intention not to play in the weekend competition do not enter your name within the competition time slots.

If you do not pay for entry and play within the competition times it will be classed as a NTU and you will be fined accordingly. (£15).

These times are for entry into the competition only and if you do not wish to enter the competition, please play outside of these times.

If you continue to play within the times and do not pay the entry fee, not only will you be fined but you will be taken out of the slots internally to open the slot for members wishing to play within the competition.

Continual abuse of this may also result in suspension from competitions.

John White
Competition Secretary